Design Zone

About Us

Design Zone is an Interior Design Service-oriented Company founded by Mr. Sanjay Gediya in 1999.
Having an Expertise of over 20+ Years, We offer Bespoke & Contemporary Interior Design solutions to all our clients.

Our Mission

We are a full-service design firm with a strong belief that designs should be completely bespoke. Design Zone specializes in high-end residential, commercial & institutional projects with an aim to bring out the best out of each individual space. We embrace the unique challenge of every project and bring each element of design together into a collective harmony that is inspired by the client’s individual trait & functional needs. Our skillfulness in projects spans all styles, extending beyond our own personal vision & choice to reach our client’s goal.

Our Vision

We aspire to convey the sense of passion we feel about our craft and our clients through our work each day. We hope to challenge and inspire generations of clients through design born of diversity, innovation, collaboration, laughter, and layers.

We exist to create the beautiful backdrops against which our clients experience their lives. We are honored by the trust clients impart to us to select the sofa on which emotional conversations will occur, a table on which a young artist will create many masterpieces, and a fabric which can evoke a specific memory 50 years later. Walls contain hope, joy, sadness, grief, and laughter; it is our privilege and our promise to design beautiful spaces within which to experience emotion and life.